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Work Style Reform, Securing Workers


Work & Life Balance Promotion

To create a flexible work-life (child care/daycare) balance, we have developed the "Fifth Action Plan for Supporting the Development of the Next Generation" in FY3/23. We are developing a three-year plan to achieve "80% or greater rate of male employees taking child care leave," "Creating an environment in which parenting employees can balance childcare and work and take an active role," "Continuing to provide opportunities for work experience and for understanding the construction sector to children and young people who will lead next generation."
To achieve our goals, we have organized the systems that allow employees to continue working while raising their children or caring for family members through initiatives such as promoting active use of child care leave systems, nursing care leave systems, and other childcare support systems, holding meetings for exchanges of opinions among those who have taken childcare leave. We have also established a system for returning to work (to promote the re-employment of employees who have left the company due to childcare, nursing care, spouse transfer, etc.).
We also host an annual diversity conference to raise awareness among managers about how to balance work and private life.

Childcare Leave

We have a childcare leave system so that employees can continue to work even when they have a life event such as childbirth or childcare. As part of our childcare support system, we have a system that allows shortened working hours and adjusting starting and ending time of the workday (until the child graduates from elementary school at the maximum) to provide an environment where both men and women can easily balance work and childcare.

Nursing-care Leave

We offer a long-term nursing care leave system so that employees who need to take care of their families can continue their work. Also, if an employee has a family member requiring nursing care or has a child before completing elementary school, needs to care for a family member or a child, the employee can take 6 to 12 days of leave in addition to the annual paid holidays.

Promotion of Taking Annual Paid Leave

Our company requires employees to take five days of planned vacation per year, and we have created an environment where it is easy to take days off.
In FY 3/18, taking paid holidays on a half-day basis was newly possible. In FY 3/22, taking paid holidays on an hourly basis became possible. As a result, for example, employees posted away from their families can now take flexible leave from Friday noon to Monday noon to return to their homes, and also by working from home to further enrich their private lives.

"No Overtime" Days

The Work Style Reform Committee sets a monthly payday as a "no-overtime day" and a bi-annual bonus payday as a "super no-overtime day". A reminder notification is sent by e-mail to all executives and employees.

Promotion of Work Style Reform

Our company is accelerating company-wide initiatives, including overseas, to become a leader in work style reform and productivity improvement. We established the Work Style Reform Promotion Committee at the headquarters, branch offices, and the International Business Unit to promote our work style reform, which aim to provide workers with two days off per week, and to initiate productivity improvement needed for the work style reform.
In accordance with the amendment of the Labor Standards Act, the penalties related to violating the overtime work limit will be applied to the construction industry from April 2024. We strive to reduce overtime work through productivity improvement so that our employees' overtime work will meet the upper limit regulations by the end of FY3/24.

Activities of Work Style Reform Promotion Committee

The Work Style Reform Promotion Committee, made up of company representatives and employees, is promoting work style reform to create a workplace environment where employees can demonstrate their potential and abilities in their respective jobs and are physically and mentally healthy. The Committee formulates measures and policies to promote workstyle reforms both at the headquarters and all branch offices, or those that need to be implemented company-wide, including at subcontractors, and provides guidance and advice towards their implementation. In addition, the Committee members periodically visit branch offices to grasp the actual situation and discuss individual solutions in cooperation with workers, management, the headquarters and branch offices.

Initiatives to Achieve 2 days off Per Week

In FY 3/23, as the entire POC Group, we worked on “establishment of 8 days off per 4 weeks” and “thorough implementation of 8 site closures per 4 weeks and site closures on Saturdays and Sundays”. In FY 3/24, we are taking initiatives to achieve “establishment of 8 site closures per 4 weeks and 8 days off per 4 weeks” and “thorough implementation of site closures on Saturdays and Sundays”.

Promotion of Flexible Work Style

To promote flexible work style, we develop systems which allows employees to choose their own work hours, by promoting a flex-time system for office workers and a staggered commuting for employees working on construction offices with prior approval. In 2020, we officially implemented work-from-home protocol, to further promote work style reform and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Pursuing Further Productivity Improvement

With the goal of keeping overtime hours at 720 hours or less per year, we are working on improving work efficiency, visualization of work schedules, and increasing productivity. We also organize a campaign on an ongoing basis to reduce overtime work by one hour per person.

Recruitment Processes

New Graduate Recruitment

We are committed to recruiting new graduates based on the principles of "people-oriented," "no academic background required," and "any nationality accepted," and we have adopted a completely open-entry system, emphasizing dialogue with students wishing to join POC.

Mid-career Recruitment

We actively promote mid-career recruitment in order to utilize the skills gained from their previous careers and to leverage our company's organizational strength.


We accept internship students every year in order to promote the industry to students and to provide them with work experience to help them make future career decisions.
*The on-site work experience internship (face-to-face) has resumed in FY 3/2023.

Communication with Employees

We established opportunities for labor-management council meetings, separate from collective wage negotiations, in the spirit of mutual cooperation to further promote the company's business development and the improvement of working conditions of the union members. Labor-management council meetings are held when necessary at each worksite to address issues such as business performance enhancement and working environment improvement. We also promote the use of the company intranet to share information company-wide and enhance communication within the organization.

Family Day

We conduct workplace visits for the family members of employees for educational purposes and for providing opportunities for them to deepen their understanding of construction work. It is also an occasion to raise motivation of employees taking childcare leave and promotion of workplace support for employees raising children.
*The program was suspended from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection, but will be resumed from FY 3/2024.

Commendations on Long Years of Service

Employees who have worked for the company for 20 years receive a certificate of commendation and a commemorative gift, as well as seven consecutive days of paid leave.

Indicators and Targets

Acquisition of Annual Paid Leave

In FY 3/23 the average rate of taking annual paid holidays per employee was 68.0%, and the average number of annual paid holidays taken was 13.3 days.

Number of Employees Taking Childcare Leave

In FY 3/23, the number of employees who took childcare leave was 111 (including 96 male employees). The rate of female employees taking childcare leave is 100%.

Number of Employees Taking Nursing-care Leave

Nursing care leave can be taken from 3 months up to 5 months. In the past, 6 employees including one male employee took the nursing care leave.

Turnover Rate

The turnover rate of employees within three years of joining the company in FY 3/2021 was 16.2%.