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Environmental Initiatives - Creation of a Nature Rich Environment

Environmental Activity

  • Environmental Management
    Click above link to view our environmental management.
    • Environmental Activity Guidelines
    • Operation Status of Environmental (ISO14001) Management System
    • Environmental Patrol
    • Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations
    • Environmental Education
    • Environmental Conservation Costs
  • Green Technologies
    • Environmental-friendly design
    • Green design and construction
  • Proper Management of Construction Waste and Natural Resources
    Click above link to view the total survey results of construction waste discharged from construction projects in Japan.
    • Construction Waste Discharge
    • Recycling Rate
    • Effective Use of Construction Soil
    • Zero Emission Promotion Activities
  • Environment Preservation Initiatives
    Click above link to view our environmental preservation efforts.
    • Initiatives to prevent global warming
    • Promoting resources protection and energy conservation in offices
    • Proper management of hazardous and chemical substances
  • Issuance of Green Bonds
    Click above link to view the issuance of Green Bonds.
    • Purpose and Background
    • Overview of Green Bonds
    • Overview of Green Projects
    • Qualification as a Green Bond
  • Disclosure on Climate Change Related Information
    Click above link to view information related to climate change based on TCFD recommendations.