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Respect for Human Rights


Human Rights Policy

To fulfill our corporate responsibility to respect human rights, we have established the "Penta-Ocean Construction Group Human Rights Policy" and we are practicing corporate activities based on this policy. The policy was drafted after consultation with external experts and issued by a resolution of the Board of Directors dated June 27, 2023.

For the full text of the Human Rights Policy, please click here.

Promotion System

In May 2023, we established the new Human Rights Committee chaired by the President and Representative Director to strengthen our efforts to respect human rights, which is the basis of sustainability management.
As an organization under the CSR Committee chaired by the President and Representative Director, this Committee is responsible for formulating the Group's human rights policy, identifying significant human rights risks through regular human rights impact assessment, conducting human rights due diligence, and monitoring the effectiveness of relief and corrective measures.
In addition, the Diversity Promotion Center established in the CSR Promotion Office respects the human rights of each individual, which is the basis of diversity promotion and aims to create a comfortable and lively workplace. We strive to broadly improve understanding of human rights by recruiting slogans for respecting human rights and creating human rights-related posters and leaflets.

Human rights due diligence (DD)

We are implementing human rights DD in phases. In FY3/24, our efforts are focused on identifying and assessing possible risks to human rights within the Penta-Ocean Construction Group and building a system for preventing and correcting risks. From FY3/25 onward, we will expand the scope of human rights DD to include subcontractors and material suppliers, and enhance our efforts in monitoring and information disclosure.

Establishment of human rights consultation desk

In August 2023, we established a human rights consultation desk with the aim of early detection and correction of negative impact on human rights, and contributing toward respecting the human rights of all people affected by the Group's corporate activities.