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Nurturing Human Resources


Human Resources System

Our HR system aims to develop professional employees to improve corporate performance and achieve self-fulfillment of each employee. To meet above target, we strive to present them a clear image of a model employee and orient them to aim for higher roles and responsibilities.
We believe that the following three points are crucial in our personnel evaluation system:

  1. To identify the strengths, weaknesses, and aptitude of each employee and link these factors to his/her future skill development and appropriate assignment at POC
  2. To develop a system that motivates employees and leads to revitalization of the Company
  3. To ensure fair treatment of employees

In order to achieve the above three targets, we established various evaluation systems: "Role grading system", "Target management system", "Personnel evaluation system" and "Competence development system". We operate them on an ongoing basis.

Creating Working Environment that Encourages Challenges

In order to ensure self-fulfillment of employees while enhancing corporate performance, we give due considerations to setting their individual goals and the follow-ups. At the beginning of each fiscal year, employees meet with their supervisors to set individual goals that are challenging yet attainable. In the mid-term, supervisors follow up with employees on his/her goal through daily work and regular interviews to encourage achievement of the goal as well as personal growth.
At the end of the term, supervisors make final evaluations based on the level of target achievement and the degree of commitment (behavior and attitude) during the term, and his/her subordinates receive feedback of the results. By going through above protocol, each employee analyses the evaluation results and identifies the issues for his/her growth in the following fiscal year and beyond.
The labor union and the company jointly conduct an annual survey on the operation of the personnel system. Based on the survey results, we ensure that the real voices of employees are reflected in the operation of the system.

Initiatives to Nurturing Human Resources

The construction industry is often described as "experience engineering". This is based on the idea that on-site experience is the key to develop personal skills. On the job training (OJT) is an effective method to grow technological skills through actual work. We appoint one senior employee to be a mentor for each new employee during his/her OJT, and the mentor provides detailed training. This initiative helps foster a culture of co-education, where both the mentor/mentee can learn and grow together.

We also provide group, class-room style training (off-JT) to lecture on academic knowledge and business skills that cannot be taught on-site, as well as on general business insights and perspectives. These training include grade-specific training according to the current stage of job performance and job-specific training organized by each divisions group, for the purpose of acquiring specialized knowledge, etc.

We also encourage employees to obtain official qualifications and licenses necessary for working in the construction industry, and provide full support by holding in-house training sessions, covering the cost for examination fees and other costs and offering incentives for those who passed the examinations, according to the importance of the qualifications. In addition, we provide various learning opportunities for employees, such as selective learning programs that allow individual employees to choose, externally sponsored training and support for self-fulfillment through correspondence courses and other means.

For Conducting Proper Evaluation

Evaluators hold the greatest key to the success of the operation of the personnel system. We conduct annual training for newly assigned evaluators on an ongoing basis to familiarize employees with the purpose of personnel evaluation and to minimize/eliminate inconsistencies in evaluation skills. At regular intervals, we also conduct evaluator update training for all evaluators and managers.