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Disclosure, PR, IR


We strive to disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner and actively engage in public relations/investor relations activities in order to increase management transparency and promote understanding of our corporate strategies and directions among a wide range of stakeholders, including shareholders and investors.
We proactively disclose corporate management news, even items not required by the stock exchange regulations, if we deem them to be beneficial to shareholders and investors.

IR Activities

For all our diverse stakeholders - from individual shareholders to institutional investors - to understand our management philosophy, business strategy and business performance, we carry out multifaceted IR (investor relations) activities. In addition to quarterly financial results briefings for our institutional investors, we hold meetings with a total of over 250 domestic and foreign institutional investors throughout the year. Furthermore, we organize work site visits for our individual shareholders every year, so that they can see the results of our construction work and have a tour of a construction site while it's in operation, thereby deepening their understanding of the construction industry.
On our website, we have a page dedicated for Investors Relations, titled “Investor Relations". The page contains items including documents disclosed to stock exchanges, shareholder newsletters, fact books, annual reports, and other information to provide visitors with a multifaceted view of the company.

Financial Results Briefings

We hold quarterly financial results briefings for analysts and institutional investors. The President and Representative Director attends financial results briefings for interim and full-year financial results to explain in detail financial results, business outlook, and notable topics.

One-on-One Meetings

Throughout the year, we hold one-on-one meetings with analysts and institutional investors, including foreign investors, to discuss our company’s operating and financial condition, as well as non-financial matters such as ESG (Environment, Social and Corporate Governance) initiatives.

IR Activities Overseas

The President and Representative Director holds one-on-one meetings either face-to-face or online with foreign institutional investors to discuss management conditions and business prospects. In July 2023, we had overseas IR meetings in London for the first time in four years.

Work Site Visits

As part of our IR activities, we hold site visits for institutional investors, individual shareholders and analysts, to help them gain a deeper understanding of our business
and construction performance.

Communication with Shareholders

In the General Meeting of Shareholders, an important forum for dialogue with our shareholders, we provide broad information by using large electronic displays to present our business performance updates and introduce major projects completed during the period.
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Communication with Mass Media

We strive to communicate sincerely with various media organizations and conduct fair public relations activities. We attend media interviews and respond to questionnaires, believing that these activities help us fulfill our accountability and shape public opinion. Furthermore, we publish press releases regularly on new technologies and participate in technology exhibitions. Reports on these activities are available for your perusal on "Updates" and "Technologies and Innovation" of this website.