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Risk Management


Basic Policies on Risk Management

Penta-Ocean Construction Group shall take appropriate, timely, and continuous measures to cope with various risks that may arise in the course of our business operations. We strive to prevent the occurrence of such risks and if such risks do occur, we shall endeavor to minimize losses that may affect our overall management.

Risk Management Structure

Our company has formed the Risk Management Committee under the CSR Committee, chaired by the Representative Director and the President. The Committee takes the initiative in managing various risks, such as compliance risks inherent in the company, information risks, business continuity plan (BCP), and large-scale disaster risks. Also, the Committee determines the department in charge according to the risk category to promote risk management. Furthermore, in April 2010, our group implemented the concept of group risk management to strengthen risk management of the Group companies.
By identifying and classifying risks in advance, we have established Risk Management System that enables us to promptly respond according to the type of risk that actually arises. As a result, we will be able to minimize the damage caused by risks, even in the event of unexpected risks. By reviewing the results of our risk management efforts, we will be aware of and prepared for new risks.
Also, in the event of a major risk situation, the Committee establishes a Risk Response Headquarters, headed by the representative director. If a major incident that threatens the continuity of business activities occurs, a BCP Headquarters will be established. If a major work-related accident occurs, a Crisis Response Headquarters will be established, and if a natural disaster occurs, a Disaster Response Headquarters will be established.

Management of Intellectual Properties

Appropriate management of intellectual property is essential in the development of our business activities.
We promote application for rights in a timely manner in line with business expansion, investigate infringements of rights by others, and respond to such infringements in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. On the other hand, we conduct strict surveys to ensure that we do not infringe on the rights of others in terms of technological development, including industrial property rights. In this context, we established an organizational structure and rules to respect the intellectual property rights of third parties.
*In FY3/23, we submitted 49 patent applications, 65 patent registrations, and 45 patent disclosures.
"Ground Improvement Technology," "Construction Materials," "Disaster Prevention Technology," "Environment-Related Technology," and "Offshore Structure-Related Technology."
As of March 31, 2023, we hold 588 patents, 11 utility models, 8 designs, and 80 trademarks, for a total of 687 rights.

Promotion of Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

In anticipation of natural disasters, fires, system failures, or other emergency situations that may threaten the continuity of business operations, we have established a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) so that critical business functions can be resumed even during a crisis, particularly in the event of an earthquake directly striking the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Major Earthquake Drills

We conduct a large-scale BCP disaster drill every September and a tsunami evacuation drill in November in order to maintain a system that can smoothly implement BCP initiatives in an emergency and continuously improve BCP.

Specific BCP Activities

  1. Use the safety confirmation system to confirm the safety of Penta-Ocean Construction Group employees, including those working overseas, and their families, and to confirm the damage status of offices.
  2. Backup of information resources by Technical Institute
  3. Transition to an alternative base if the head office building is damaged
    In preparation for the event that the head office building is damaged by a disaster, we have installed emergency private power generation equipment, storage warehouses, video conferencing systems, etc. at Mitaka Dormitory and Gyotoku Dormitory in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and are preparing them to function as an alternative base and evacuation center for the head office building.
  4. Execution of business continuity plan by BCP task force and mission execution team
    ·Respond to customer requests for assistance.
    ·Responding to nearby relief efforts and requests for support.
    ·Handle payment operations by transferring them to other branches
    ·Requesting relief supplies and support personnel to other branches
  5. Implementation of command, delegation of authority, and alternative measures for important operations based on the business continuity plan