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Information Security, Protection of Personal Information


We practice information security and personal information protection as stipulated in the "Penta-Ocean Construction Group Code of Conduct" as follows.

(5) Proper management and use of information and assets

We will appropriately manage or protect confidential information, personal information, and intellectual property rights of POC Group and others.
We will use company assets, facilities, and equipment in an appropriate manner.

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Information Security Management

In recent years, there has been a number of information-related incidents and accidents, including a leak of personal and other confidential information. In the event that such an incident or accident occurs, companies may suffer immeasurable damage considering the substantial social responsibility they bear. In this context, companies are required to manage information appropriately. Furthermore, in the current information society, companies are required to consider and respond in accordance with the information systems environment (electronic bidding, electronic delivery, e-commerce, etc.). After establishing the Information Management System in 2004, we conduct regular review to enhance the system. Also, by fully utilizing the common groupware, we not only ensure physical safeguarding of information systems equipment, but we also strive to improve the information management technology through training such as e-learning information education for all executives and employees and job-specific training.

Information Security Training

With the progress of information technology, the importance of information security management in companies continues to increase. We provide information security training to our managers and employees to instill the importance of appropriate and law-abiding information management.