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Compliance, Anti-Corruption


Compliance Policy

All executives and employees of POC Group shall comply with laws and regulations in conducting business activities, respect social norms and ethics, and always act with integrity. In particular, in construction bidding, we shall comply with the Antimonopoly Law and other related laws and regulations, and practice fair and free competition.
In the “Compliance Guidelines”, we stipulate several items related to anti-corruption efforts, including “sound and normal relations with politics and government administration” and “prevention of improper payments to foreign public officials, etc.,” and ensure thorough dissemination of these items internally.

Compliance Promotion Structure

We established Compliance Policy to ensure the proper execution of our business activities and fulfillment of our social responsibilities.

Compliance Promotion Initiatives

Action Guidelines for Proper Bidding

On March 31, 2009, we issued a "Declaration of Bid Rigging and Declaration of Compliance. As one of the measures to ensure the implementation of the declaration, we established the "Action Guidelines for Proper Bidding" for all executives and employees of POC Group in June of the same year. This guideline is based on the following principles, in light of the Antimonopoly Law and other related laws and regulations:

  • Indicating the types of conduct that are prohibited in the course of bidding operations
  • Penalties and illegal acts that may be imposed on individual employees in the event of a violation
  • Providing specific measures to be taken by executives and employees when they come in contact with suspicious behaviors

The guideline clearly states the Group's basic stance against illegal activities: "Not to do, not to allow, and not to overlook. We provide all executives and employees of the Group with the guideline via the intranet. In addition, compliance training on the guideline is conducted every year to ensure the understanding.

Our Response to Illegal Acts in Public Project Bidding

In the "Action Guidelines for Proper Bidding," the Company clearly stipulates that "the Company will never allow anyone, for any reason, to act in violation of the Anti-Monopoly Law, or the crime of obstruction of public contract-related auctions, etc., or other laws and regulations," and that "individual performance evaluation is based on thorough compliance, and even if an employee achieves a business performance in violations of the law, the employee shall face a strict disciplinary action, not to mention that the performance of the employee will not be subject to the evaluation.

Whistleblower System

As part of measures to further promote thorough compliance, the Penta-Ocean Construction Group has established an outside office for consulting a lawyer, the Compliance Consultation Desk, apart from an internal contact point. Employees can report incidents that may conflict with laws, regulations, corporate ethics, and internal regulations, or a suspected violation of compliance. Regulations clearly state the “Prohibition of adverse treatment of whistleblowers” based on the Whistleblower Protection Act. Anonymous reports are also accepted and can be used by executives and employees of our group as well as those of subcontracting companies. The contact point for whistleblowers is posted on the Company's intranet and website, and can be found at branch offices and construction offices, and is also announced during compliance training. Additionally, we have established the Harassment Consultation Desk and the Human Rights Consultation Desk to receive consultations on various types of harassment such as sexual harassment, power harassment, and maternity harassment, as well as general human rights issues.
For received consultations, the Risk Management Committee investigates each case and takes appropriate actions, such as coaching and discipline instructions, in accordance with company regulations.

Compliance Training

POC Group provides various compliance training sessions, including anti-corruption training, for all executives and employees.
In FY3/23 in Japan, in addition to the "Declaration of Bid Rigging and Declaration of Compliance" based on past scandals, we also conducted training focused on compliance with laws and regulations such as the Construction Industry Act and the Industrial Safety and Health Act. All executives and employees attended the training.
At the same time, in all countries where we operate, we provided training focused on anti-bribery and prevention of unfair competition, and all executives and employees in our overseas offices, including non-Japanese employees, received the training.
In addition, we conducted rank-based training for young employees to provide legal knowledge such as the Antimonopoly Act and risk management, etc. and conducted training for managers to deepen and strengthen their understanding of compliance. This training included discussions on case studies of internal and external misconduct.

Anti-bribery Training

Our "Compliance Guidelines" stipulate "sound and proper relations with politics and government administration" and "prevention of improper payments to foreign public officials, etc." The guidelines stipulate the prohibition of bribery and similar acts, and we communicate these guidelines through compliance training programs for executive officers and employees. In particular, with regard to bidding for public projects, we provide more far-reaching training on bribery and the National Public Service Ethics Law to executive officers and employees at the managerial level and above. The training is based on actual cases, to ensure that they do not engage in illegal activities. We also provide training on anti-bribery laws and regulations to non-Japanese employees overseas, including case studies, in order to reduce compliance risks.

Thorough Elimination of Anti-social Forces

The Risk Management Committee has established a framework that prevents any relations with organized crime groups and other antisocial forces. It also manages and coordinates risks on this front, and has a system in place that enables the immediate response to the emergence of these risks. Furthermore, we carry out various initiatives that encompass our group's overall business activities, such as providing a wide range of compliance trainings for our employees.
Regarding relationships with our business partners, our contracts (sales of goods contracts, construction subcontracting agreements, etc.) contain provisions for the eradication of antisocial forces.