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The Company’s basic policy is “to make strategic investments for future growth including capital enhancement, technological development and capital expenditures while providing continuous and stable dividends to shareholders, and to improve shareholder returns and capital efficiency by carrying out share repurchases.” Under the above policy, the Company sets the target of a consolidated total payout ratio at 40% or higher (of which, a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 30% or higher).

For the term-end dividends for FY 3/24, the Company decided to pay 24 yen of regular dividends per share. Furthermore, the Company repurchases JPY 2 billion shares of its own stock, making the consolidated total payout ratio 49.6%.

As for the term-end dividends for FY 3/25, the Company plans to aim for the total payout ratio of 40% or higher by paying 24 yen of regular dividends per share (consolidated dividend payout ratio: 34.3%) and by conducting a share repurchase. Additionally, the Company plans to introduce an interim dividend system from FY 3/25 onwards as September 30 of each year as the record date.