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Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.
Takuzo Shimizu, President, CEO and Representative Director

Obtained Nearly ZEB Certification for a Temporary Construction Office

Tokyo, Japan – May 31, 2022 –Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. has been working to convert on-site construction offices to Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB), as part of our initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions at construction sites. We recently achieved an energy conservation rate of 80 % including energy creation from solar energy in the temporary on-site construction office for a new construction project of Hokkaido Police Academy (phase 4) 21 , ordered by the Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau. Accordingly, we acquired a “Nearly ZEB” certification for the said construction office under the Building Energy Efficiency Labeling System (BELS).


In our actual construction projects such as the Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Museum project*1, we have been involved in numerous aspects including the acquisition of "ZEB" and "Nearly ZEB" certifications, ZEB construction work, and monitoring of their energy creation and energy saving performances. We have also conducted demonstration tests of energy-saving technologies in the Renovation project at our Institute of Technology*2. While we accumulate specialized expertise on ZEB planning, we have been proactively proposing ZEB features to our clients*3.

Furthermore, at our new Muroran Factory currently under construction*4, we are promoting carbon neutral initiatives by converting not only the office building but the entire factory to ZEB, using hydrogen energy and conducting demonstration tests on its application.

In achieving advanced energy-saving performance of the on-site construction office, we received assistance from Kanamoto Co., Ltd. (President; Tetsuo Kanamoto) and reinforced the insulation performance of the prefabricated house. Considering that the site is an a cold region, we also combined various technologies; further improvement of thermal insulation property by adopting resin sashes (with Low-E glazing) of Excel Shanon Corporation (President; Kunimitsu Ikeda), reduction of lighting load by installing LED and motion sensors, and introduction of high-efficiency air conditioning equipment for cold climates. These efforts have resulted in a 58% energy reduction through energy conservation.

Furthermore, as a means of energy creation, we installed a solar power generation system (12kW) to cover 22% of the electricity used in the on-site construction office, achieving an energy reduction rate of 80% through energy conservation and energy creation combined. In pursuit of safer snow removal during the winter season and easy maintenance work, the solar panels were installed at a tilted angle on the ground near the on-site construction office.

We will continue to expand our ZEB initiatives for temporary construction offices to other sites nationwide.

We believe that responding to global climate change issues is one the most important management issues. In addition to promoting initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions from the use of construction machinery and work vessels in our construction activities, we will advance ZEB conversion in our on-site construction offices across the nation. Furthermore, by promoting the construction of offshore wind power facilities and ZEB, we will strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 through our core business.

*1 Obtained ZEB Certification for the Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Museum Project(Press release on Januray 17, 2019)
*2 Energy Saving Renovation of Laboratory Building of Institute of Technology Aiming to enhance ZEB proposals and further promote technological development
(Press release of March 19, 2020)
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*4 “ZEB Conversion of Factory and Use of Hydrogen Energy” (Construction of the New Muroran Factory)(Press release of November 10, 2021)
Nearly ZEB Certificate(Click to enlarge)

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