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Sustainability Management Promotion System



The Penta-Ocean Construction Group believes that its greatest contribution to society is the construction of high-quality infrastructure, and practices ESG-oriented sustainability management. By offering reliable quality backed by safety, environmental considerations, and technology, we aim to be a company that appeals not only to our shareholders, customers, business partners, and employees, but also to the local communities we serve.


We recognize that appropriate responses to sustainability-related issues are important management issues that not only reduce risks but also increase profit-earning opportunities. Therefore, under the CSR Committee chaired by the President and Representative Director, we have established the Human Rights Committee, the Carbon Neutral Promotion Committee, the Risk Management Committee, the Environment, Health and Safety Committee, the Quality and Environmental Management Committee, and the Work Style Reform Promotion Committee to promote ESG-oriented sustainability management. The Board of Directors regularly shares these activities and deepens discussions to ensure that they are linked to medium and long-term corporate activities.


Under the Medium-Term Management Plan (FY3/24-FY3/26) announced in May 2023, Penta-Ocean Construction Group set a goal to aim for: A genuine global general contractor who practices sustainable management and contributes to sustained social development through sustainable construction business activities. To work towards the above goal, we promote our core business growth strategies and sustainability management with focus on ESG (Environment, social and governance), as two inseparable elements of our corporate management.
In promoting sustainability management, we will pursue two distinctive goals of medium- to long-term corporate growth and sustainable development of society. To this end, we have identified materiality, or material business issues, to be addressed as important management issues.
More specifically, we have identified the followings as our eight materiality issues;
1. Responding to climate change issues 2. Creation of a rich environment 3. Construction of high-quality social infrastructure and buildings 4. Enhancing technology development and technical capabilities 5. Promotion of diversity and inclusion 6. Respecting human rights and building sustainable supply chain 7. Ensuring occupational health and safety 8. Promotion of effective governance
For each of the issues above, we established specific policies, structures and metrics to assess the implementation progress.

Our Eight Materiality Issues and Their Characterization

Risk Management

Through the materiality identification process, we analyze trends in global ESG standards and regulations, as well as stakeholder requests, to identify medium- and long-term risks and opportunities related to material issues. The CSR Committee and other committees monitor materiality indicators for major risks, while individual risks are managed in progress by the various committees under the CSR Committee. Risks that have a particularly large impact on management and require a company-wide response are managed by the Risk Management Committee.

Indicators and Targets

Click here (PDF) to see the indicators and targets of the POC Group's materiality issues.
For actual results for each indicator, please click here