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Corporate Milestone

Phase I: From foundation to development

1) Foundation period: Mizuno-Gumi for river and marine projects.

First founded as Mizuno Gumi in Kure City, Hiroshima prefecture.
Meiji era:
Engaged in marine civil engineering projects, mainly for structures and facilities at navy bases throughout Japan.
Taisho era:
Expanded nationally ventured into land civil engineering and architectural projects.

2) Before WWII: Acquisition and improvement of mechanical facilities.

Constructed dredgers to strengthen the company position in the dredging and reclamation industry and launched the ship-building business.

Phase II: Recovery in postwar period and expansion of activities overseas and in Japan

1) Recovery period: Involved in reconstruction efforts in postwar in Japan.

Commenced business in reconstruction of the company, aiming at marine civil engineering.
Established as Mizuno Gumi Co., Ltd.

2) Oversees activities: Began business in overseas market.

Dispatched a technical advisory group to Goa, India to consult on berth construction project at the Port of Goa.
Constructed a turbine pump dredger, the SUEZ, and successfully won the Suez Canal dredging contract in international bidding.

Suez Canal dredging contract
Renamed to Goyo Kensetsu and named Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. in English.

3) Nationwide development: Expanding our business through M&A

Absorbed Sakai Construction Co., Ltd., strengthening the company’s land civil engineering capabilities.
Absorbed Japan Land Development Co., Ltd. reinforcing our marine civil engineering capabilities.
Absorbed Jin Industrial Co., Ltd and second business in Hokkaido, expanding our business base to cover all of Japan.

4) Major period of growth in our overseas activities: Accepted a succession of orders in overseas market.

Accepted successive orders for large scale projects in Egypt, Singapore, Iraq and Qatar.
1975 - 1980
Won the bid for deepening and widening the Suez Canal, that amounted to a total of ¥106.6 billion. This project made the name of Penta-Ocean known throughout the world.

Phase III: Evolving into a general contractor by strengthening building construction abilities

1) Into construction fields: Reinforcing construction department.

2) Growing into a general contractor: Comprehensive constructor having uniform capabilities.

Completed many large-scale projects, including the construction of high-rise buildings in Hong Kong and Singapore. In the domestic market, the Company accumulated sufficient experience in construction utilizing new technologies, such as high-rise buildings, seismic isolation, all-weather automatic construction systems, and was equipped with reliable technological background.
100th Anniversary

3) Beginning Penta-Ocean’s second century in business: To be a world class, technology based comprehensive construction company.

Received orders in Singapore for an opera house, the Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay , and large-scale reclamation work, Jurong Island Phase 3.

Completed the trailing suction hopper dredger, Queen of Penta-Ocean(:ANDROMEDA V), that was the most modern and largest of its kind in the world, and enabling the Company to receive large-scale reclamation works overseas.

Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay 

Phase IV: Rehabilitation and further development

Emphasis on Profitability; Selection and Focus

Announced the “Challenge 21” medium-term management plan to be a general engineering firm that contributes to a richer environment through construction.
Achieved the “Challenge 21” goals. Contraction in project volume offset by profitability in domestic construction market and reduction in expenses; operating income traces “v-shaped” recovery. Improvement in financial condition exceeds plan.

As the No.1 Contractor in Coastal and Waterfront Areas

Won the bid for Haneda Airport Runway D project.

Announced the “Evolution 21” medium-term management plan to strengthen earnings in core businesses, and to improve financial position, capitalizing on a reputation as the No.1 contractor in coastal and waterfront areas.
Yoshio Murashige assumed Penta-Ocean president.

Dealt with the dramatic changes in the construction industry environment that exceed the pace of change originally forecast in “Evolution 21.”
Conducted a two-for-one reverse stock split in conjunction with the adoption of an anti-takeover strategy.

Won the bid for a development construction project at Singapore's Pasir Panjang Container Terminal.

Not all achieved original “Evolution 21” goals; however, achieved the financial stability ahead of schedule.
Announced the “Advance 21” medium-term management plan to win in an era of technological competition as the No.1 contractor in waterfront and coastal areas.
(Engage in ethical corporate activities; advance as a technology-driven company; strengthen on-site management capacity.)

Won the bid for Marina Coastal Expressway, contract 485. (design, construction and completion of 700m of dual 5-lane vehicular tunnel structure, of which approximately 420m is below the Marina Bay Crossing.)

source: LTA HP
Won the bid for Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong.
Won the bid for XRL C825 (shield tunnels project) in Hong Kong.

Won the bid for Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in Singapore.

Completed the cement deep mixing vessel, "POCOM No.12."
Made a public offering (40.25 million more shares) as part of growth strategy.

Announced the new medium-term management plan to aim for even further growth as a No.1 coastal and waterfront areas. (Transition from general contractor model to a core business-integrated model.)
Completed the self-propelled multipurpose working vessel, "CP-5001."
Announced the new medium-term management plan.

Takuzo Shimizu assumed new president.

Completed the self-propelled cutter suction dredgers, "CASSIOPEIA V."

120th Anniversary