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Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.
Takuzo Shimizu, President, CEO and Representative Director

Completion of the New Muroran Factory

Tokyo, Japan - October 6, 2022 -We are pleased to hereby announce the completion of the new Muroran factory.

The new factory is a "100% renewable-energy factory", which means that all electricity used in the factory and the offices will be covered by renewable energy sources. Solar power is the main source of electricity. In addition, we installed a hydrogen power generation system, which uses fuel cells to generate electricity. The hydrogen for the generation process will be both by-product hydrogen and green hydrogen produced from solar-generated electricity using a water electrolyzer. The office building has acquired a BELS ZEB certification by improving its energy-saving performances through enhanced thermal insulation, and by using renewable energy to cover all its electricity needs.

In addition to the fabrication of conventional steel members for bridges, frames etc., the new factory will serve as a fabrication hub for various temporary steel structures, including foundations, transition pieces, towers and blade rack for wind turbines, which are indispensable in the construction of offshore wind farms. Offshore wind power is expected to play an important role as a major renewable energy source in the future.

We will continue to take on the challenges in the green fields with a pioneering spirit, by constructing offshore wind facilities and by converting buildings to ZEB, towards the achievement of carbon neutrality.





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