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Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.
Takuzo Shimizu, President, CEO and Representative Director

Received Order for Construction of MRT Tunnels and Station Building in Singapore

Tokyo, Japan – Apr. 11, 2022 –Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. has solely received an order from The Land Transport Authority of Singapore (hereinafter, the LTA) for the Cross Island Line (Mass Rapid Transit, MRT) CR 117 Contract. In this contract, we will construct two shield tunnels and an underground station building, directly connected to Bright Hill Station on the Thomson-East Coast Line (constructed by us and opened for service in August 2021). The contract is worth approximately JPY 44.7 billion.

The Cross Island Line, the eighth MRT line in Singapore, will be an underground line of 50 kilometers long traversing the country from Changi region in the east to Jurong area in the west. The 29 km-long Phase 1 (12 stations) is scheduled to be operational in 2030. The Cross Island Line Phase 1 will be highly accessible, with four stations out of 12 being linked to existing rail stations, and will benefit more than 100,000 households.

This site is located in the central part of Singapore (Sin Ming District). The shield tunneling work, in particular, will be carried out at a high level of safety and environmental management. Upon order receipt, in addition to the tender price, the high-level construction management and safety management during the construction of the Bright Hill Station and shield tunnel (Contract T211) of the Thomson East Coast Line (MRT), which will connect to the station building in this construction section, were highly evaluated.

As for other projects managed by the LTA, we are currently constructing Orchard Station on the Thomson-East Coast line (MRT) Contract T219, the North-South Corridor (NSC) Contract N105, and the Rapid Transit System (RTS) link Contract T232.

Since our first venture in Singapore in 1964, we have been undertaking a number of major projects such as land reclamation, construction of container terminals, and other marine civil engineering projects, as well as land civil engineering and building construction projects. We have received 8 orders (including 2 under construction) for construction of shield tunnels from the LTA , Public Utilities Board of Singapore(PUB), and Singapore Power Group(SP Group). We will actively continue to develop our business in Singapore, where the headquarters of our international business unit is located.

Project Site


Construction outline

Project Name

Cross Island Line (MRT) CR 117 Contract


The Land Transport Authority of Singapore


Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.

Contract Amount

Approx. JPY 44.7 billion (SGD 526 million)

Project Site

Sin Ming, Singapore

Construction Outline

Shield tunneling work: 2 nos.

Open cut tunneling work

Shield starting shaft: 1 no.

Connecting work: 1 no.

Station building construction work: 1 Lump sum

M&E work: 1 Lump sum