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Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.
Takuzo Shimizu, President, CEO and Representative Director

Start of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Setana Futoro Wind Farm Project (tentative name)
-A Feasibility Study on the Development of Onshore Wind Farm-

Tokyo, Japan Jan. 29, 2021 Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. has made the pre-project environmental impact assessment report available for public inspection to confirm the feasibility of developing an onshore wind farm in the Futoro area of Kita-Hiyama-ku, Setana-cho, Kudo-gun, Hokkaido.
Located in the westernmost part of Hokkaido, Setana-cho is an area where several wind power plants operate due to its excellent wind conditions. We will be conducting a feasibility study on developing an onshore wind farm to supply electricity from clean energy using wind power, the area’s natural resource.

As a power generation operator, we have a track record of selling electricity from a single 0.6MW onshore wind turbine that we designed and constructed on our own in Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture (operation started in November 2001). In Setana Port, we have constructed Japan's first offshore wind power generation plant, "Kazamidori" (0.6MW x 2 units), which began operations in April 2004. In April 2020, we established the Offshore Wind Farm Business Divisions Group to strengthen our efforts in offshore and onshore wind power. We will continue to contribute to the promotion of renewable energy in Japan as a power generation operator and construction contractor, by leveraging the experience and expertise that we have gained over the years.

The pre-project environmental impact assessment report is available for your perusal on our company website(Japanese only).


[Project outline]

Project name : Setana Futoro Wind Farm Project (tentative name)
Project area : Futoro area, Kita-Hiyama-ku, Setana-cho, Kudo-gun, Hokkaido
Type of project : Onshore wind power (wind turbine generator)
Scale of the project : Up to 86,000kW (Up to 20 wind turbines with a maximum single output of 4,300kW)

[Location map of the potential project implementation area]