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Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.
Takuzo Shimizu, President, CEO and Representative Director

Introduction of Real-Time Leg Touchdown Monitoring System on Multipurpose Self-Elevating Platform (SEP)

Tokyo, Japan – Mar. 6, 2020 –Penta-Ocean Construction Co.,Ltd. has developed a system (Patent No. JPB6595690) which enables monitoring and real-time visualization of the seabed condition while placing down the legs of Multipurpose SEP equipped with a large crane. The system was introduced to CP-8001 completed in 2018.

CP-8001 lowers the legs towards the seabed while maintaining the vessel's position using dynamic positioning system (DPS). When the legs touch the seabed, accurate station keeping and leg handling are required, and information on the seabed ground is also important.

This system was jointly developed with iXblue S.A.S, a French company. Equipped with four real-time 3D sonars, the system enables us to efficiently and safely install the legs by monitoring a wide range of seabed topography, the vessel's position, drafts, the status of lifting and lowering of each leg, and the distance between the vessel keel and the waterline after jacking up. In particular, the sonars were designed exclusively for CP-8001 to reduce the reflection of sound waves by the hull, the interference of sound waves between four sonars, and the scattering of sound waves by bubbles generated by propellers during station keeping.

In the future, we will demonstrate its capabilities in various operations of CP-8001, and are also planning to install it to the second Multipurpose SEP equipped with a larger crane currently under construction.

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