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Development of non-adhesive fluorocarbon wallpaper and its introduction in the retail market along with self-adhesive fluorocarbon wallpaper
- Aiming for sales expansion of fluorocarbon wallpaper-

April 18, 2017

Penta-Ocean Construction, (President, Takuzo Shimizu) has developed a new product line of non-adhesive fluorocarbon wallpaper (hereinafter referred as “the wallpaper”). The wallpaper will be introduced to the general market along with the existing self-adhesive type. We intend to share the unique benefits of fluorocarbon wallpaper with wider clients by providing the maximum level of cleanliness for various facilities.

The topmost layer of the wallpaper is coated by ETFE*1 fluorocarbon resin, which is known for its high purity. It also achieved superior repellency, thus making it contamination and chemical resistant. The wallpaper is recommended to be installed in facilities that require superior sanitation such as pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants, and even on walls and ceilings of stain-prone smoking rooms.

  • Fluorocarbon Wallpaper Installed in Smoking Room[Figure-1 Fluorocarbon Wallpaper Installed in Smoking Room]
  • Fluorocarbon Wallpaper Installed in Food Processing Facility[Figure-2 Fluorocarbon Wallpaper Installed in Food Processing Facility]

Furthermore, the wallpaper was approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for its low off-gassing properties (granted F☆☆☆☆ rating*2 in terms of formaldehyde emission) as well as for its non-combustible properties which conform with the regulation of Enforcement Ordinance of the Building Standards Act.

The existing fluorocarbon wallpaper is self-adhesive type and it comes with the release paper, and is suitably applicable on steel doors and window frames because of its water-repellant properties. However, the existing type shows lower workability when being applied on walls made-up of plaster boards and the like as compared to the usual installation using conventional pasting machines.

On the other hand, the paper-made base sheet of commercially available non-adhesive wallpaper might be exposed to the risks of degradation of its water-resistance capabilities due to possible penetration on seam openings when in contact with liquid.

The newly developed fluorocarbon wallpaper exhibits enhanced water-resistance capabilities, thanks to the non-woven fabric sheet of its base layer. The 910 mm wide wallpaper, which comes in rolls, can be installed using conventional pasting machines. After several field tests conducted in our construction projects, the newly developed wallpaper showed the excellent level of workability compared to generally marketed wallpaper of the same category.

  • Cross Section Layers of Fluorocarbon Wallpaper[Figure-3 Cross Section Layers of Fluorocarbon Wallpaper]
  • Visual Appearance of Fluorocarbon Wallpaper[Figure-4 Visual Appearance of Fluorocarbon Wallpaper]

By using both non-adhesive (non-combustible) and self-adhesive types of wallpaper, the entire room is covered by fluorocarbon from walls, ceilings to door jambs regardless of the regulations of fireproof compartments of the building. Significant improvement of hygiene is expected for rooms.

Sales and distribution of fluorocarbon wallpaper products will be handled by our affiliate, Penta-Techno Service Co., Ltd. We will also proactively promote the wallpaper through construction materials supply and trading companies. We intend to take this opportunity to widely advertise and further spread our innovative fluorocarbon wallpaper and we aim to offer our customers high quality, cost-effective solutions.

*1 ETFE: ETFE is a form of fluorocarbon resin, which is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene (C2F4) and ethylene (C2H4). The material exhibits high chemical resistance, electric non-conductance and a low-frictional property. Excellent in molding process ability and it is widely used for tent films.

*2 F☆☆☆☆ is a certificate of highest standard for formaldehyde emission in accordance with JIS (Japan Industrial Standard). F☆☆☆☆ rated materials are allowed for unlimited indoor use by the Building Standards Act.