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Development of “AR NAVI Geomoni II”, a new system for structural installation guidance and controlling work progress
-Enhancing site productivity by utilizing ICT and AR technologies-

Feb 07, 2017

Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. (President: Takuzo Shimizu) and Sooki Co., Ltd (President: Naohiro Tsushi) have jointly developed “AR Navi Geomoni II” (hereinafter referred to as Geomoni II), a new system that uses video-based augmented reality technology for positioning marine structures and controlling their work progress. “Geomoni II” effectuates more accurate positioning of base structures such as piles and caissons, and effectively controls the quality of work progress. The system captures the real-time optional three-dimensional video from collimation survey results of the built-in camera of the total station.

“Geomoni II” is an innovative system which enhances installation accuracy with an added AR (Augmented Reality) function to the original “Geomoni” hardware.

The original “Geomoni” displays limited data including the central axis of pile bodies or the design lines of either right or left side of the piles. It simply provides pile head center positions or pile inclinations, and is unadoptable in determining the quantity deviation of the piles from their original design lines.

New “Geomoni II” is proud of its advanced display property of design lines merited from the evolution of AR technology, enabling to display; 1.Multiple design lines based on accurate positioning degree, 2. Three-dimensional and structural geometry design lines and 3.Optimal grid lines matching with overlaid video in the monitor. Other features include centralized numerical control of driven piles (pile head center positions, upper end height and inclinations), installation control of large-scale structures (caissons, jackets and steel plates) using three-dimensional design lines, as well as determining the deviating quantity of piles from their original design lines.

The major characteristics of “ Geomoni II “are as follows.

  • 1.It is applicable for construction management of various structures regardless of size or figure, by displaying three-dimensional images of various types of structural geometries in wireframe models or polygonal models. Users can also benefit from the display property of arbitrary-shaped design lines in accordance with the desired purpose of work progress control.
  • 2.The deviations from the design lines can be determined quantitatively by displaying multiple design lines, which are drawn according to arbitrarily-set degrees of positioning accuracy, along with the grid lines corresponding to overlaid video display in the monitor.
  • 3.It saves time in the pile positioning and enhance workability brought by real time monitoring of structural position and work progress by barge operators.
  • 4.Maximum survey distance is 500m, applicable in nighttime or rainy weather.

In June 2016, we have conducted field tests at the construction site of the Port of Tokyo. Results of the tests were favorable in terms of workability enhancement and pile driving accuracy of eighteen steel pipe piles driven into the seabed. The tests also showed achievement of high precision within 50% of the allowable range for pile-driving at the pile head center position and the upper end.

We intend to take proactive initiatives to further expand this technology. We aim to enhance site workability by applying ICT technologies in various construction phases and moving beyond the reliance on the abilities of skilled technicians.

  • Onboard monitor display screen[Onboard monitor display screen]
  • Function of total stations[Function of total stations]

Schematic Image of AR NAVI Geomoni II (used in steel pipe pile driving)

  • Display of multiple design lines[Display of multiple design lines]
  • Display of three-dimensional design lines[Display of three-dimensional design lines]

Displays the guidance with overlaid video display

  • work process control
  • legends†Design lines can be set at optional widths
    †Also applicable for batter piles

Example of work quality evaluation of installed steel pipe piles (dia. 500 mm)