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Order received for Mega-Harbour Tunnel Construction Work in Hong Kong

Jan 5, 2015


Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd. (President Takuzo Shimizu) has jointly received an order with China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd. from MTR Corporation, Limited for the construction of the Shatin to Central Link Cross Harbour Tunnels (Construct No. 1121).
The total amount of the order received for the joint venture is 66.3 billion yen, of which the Company received 33.8 billion yen. Construction is scheduled to be completed in end 2020.

The 10 major infrastructure projects, which estimated total budget is around 3 Trillion yen, are being underway in Hong Kong. The Shatin to Central Link is a new route which was designed as one of the infrastructure projects and it connects New Territories and Admiralty on Hong Kong Island, crossing the Victoria Harbour by an undersea tunnel.
The undersea tunnels that will be constructed this time go between the Kowloon Peninsula Hung Hom Area and the Hong Kong Island Causeway Bay Area. It goes through the Victoria Harbour, located in the center of Hong Kong, and comprises a total of eleven immersed tunnel elements in its construction. It is expected to improve the connections and transfers of the existing railway lines and reduce the traveling time of passengers. Additionally, it is likely to lead to positive economic effects as it will provide redevelopment opportunities in the neighbouring areas.


Since establishing the office in Hong Kong in 1986, Penta-Ocean has participated in numerous large-scale projects. The Company received several orders for the Hong Kong Ten Major Infrastructure Projects: the Express Rail Link Contract 825 – Mai Po to Ngau Tam Mei Tunnels (scheduled to be completed in 2017), the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal (completed in 2013), the New International Mail Centre (completed in 2013) and the Shatin to Central Link Contract 1102 – Hin Keng Station and Approach Structures (tentative completion in 2018). This is the fifth order received for the Hong Kong Ten Major Infrastructure Projects.
The company considers Hong Kong to be one of the key markets for its overseas business as capital investment intention is extremely strong, which should confirm our commitment to enthusiastically continue the expansion of all our activities.

Site location

Construction outline

Project Name

Shatin to Central Link Contract No.1121 Cross Harbour Tunnels


MTR Corporation Limited


Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd./ China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd

Contract Amount

Approximately ¥66.3 billion (HKD4.3 billion)


Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong


・Construction and installation of immersed tunnel elements
・Temporary work for connecting the existing tunnels
・Dredging, foundation and backfilling works for immersed tunnel
・Construction of cut & cover tunnels and ventilation building at the Nothern landfall