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Proper Application and Management of Public R&D funds


Fair and Appropriate R&D Activities

In Penta-Ocean Group Code of Conduct published on our website, we state, "In all countries and regions in which we do business, we will strive to achieve strict compliance with laws, regulations, and international rules, and we will also engage in sensible corporate practices with high ethical standards, in accordance with social norms and ethical principles." We act in accordance with the Code of Conduct in our R&D activities.
In light of the issues of misconduct in R&D activities using public funds and the misuse of R&D funds, and of the call for more thorough compliance in these areas, we have once again returned to the above basic policy, and the Chief Administrative Officers take the lead in ensuring fair R&D activities and the proper operation and management of R&D funds. We will strive to live up to the trust and expectations of society.

Basic Policies on Proper Application and Management of Public R&D Funds

The Chief Administrative Officer shall establish the following basic policies to ensure the proper operation and management of public R&D funds in the in-house research activities.

  1. Clearly indicate the accountability system
  2. Comply with the rules and review them on an ongoing basis
  3. Maintain a system to ensure that the rules are shared and understood, and update the system on an ongoing basis
  4. Conduct effective checking and monitoring on an ongoing basis
  5. Strive to raise awareness of the prevention of misuse of research funds, and promote prevent such from occurring

Accountability Structure of Operation/Management of Public R&D Funds

Chief Executive Officer President and Representative Director
Chief Administrative Officer Executive officer in charge of the Institute of Technology
Chief Compliance Promotion Officer Head of Institute of Technology