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Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Management


We operate management systems for occupational health and safety (COHSMS), including Quality (ISO9001), and the Environment (ISO14001). We obtained ISO14001 in November 2002, ISO9001 in November 2003, and COHSMS certification October 2004, as "Company-wide systems", with the participation of all employees. We regard each system as an important tool for our CSR activities, and established and operate each system for health, safety, quality, and environmental issues.

Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Management

We shall promote construction activities by giving top priority to health, safety, quality, and environmental preservation, and comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and other requirements. We will accelerate Work Style Reform and productivity improvement through the promotion of digitalization, and promote carbon neutrality by decarbonizing and introducing greening electric power with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions generated by our business activities. Through these efforts, we aim to achieve sustainable development as an attractive company that is trusted by all stakeholders.
Under our ESG-oriented management philosophy, we will place the highest priority on safety based on respect for people, devote all our energy to preventing all accidents, provide products and services that satisfy our customers, and establish social credibility through environmentally friendly manufacturing.
We will promote efficient and effective operations by continuously improving our occupational health and safety, quality, and environmental management systems with the participation of all employees.
Based on this policy, we will implement the following guidelines

Policies on Health and Safety Activities
  • 1. Make every effort to avoid all accidents, including occupational accidents and public one.
  • 2. Prevent occupational diseases and the spread of COVID-19 infections, promote mental and physical health, and create a comfortable working environment.
  • 3. Build an open workplace culture, conduct safety and health activities in collaboration with staff and business partners, and aim to improve the standards.
Policies on Quality Activities
  • 1. Demonstrate flexible ideas and creativity to provide high value-added products and services.
  • 2. Establish an appropriate construction management system for construction work.
  • 3. Strive to improve the ability of the staff to perform their duties, refine productivity-enhancing technologies, and atrive to ensure reliable construction and quality.
Policies on Environmental activities
  • 1. Contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality, by reducing CO2 emissions generated by our business activities through decarbonization of construction machinery and other equipment, and the use of green electricity.
  • 2. Closely communicate with the local communities, strive to achive carbon neutrality, create a recycling-based society and create , preserve, and restore the environment society, through the development of environment-related technologies and environmentally conscious design construction.
  • 3. Continuously educate the staff and business partners on the importance of environmental conservation activities, and strive to prevent the occurrence of envionmental accidents.

Safety as a Top Priority

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We are engaged in various health and safety promotion activities to eliminate occupational accidents.