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Proper Management of Construction Waste and Natural Resources

Environmental Activity

All employees of POC participate in 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) promotion in a bid to reduce waste in daily activities, and starting from FY 3/2007, we have been implementing zero-emission initiatives throughout the company. In FY 3/21, we conducted a survey of all construction waste generated from construction projects in Japan.

Amount of Construction Waste

Total emissions in FY 3/23 increased by 60.6 thousand tons from the previous year to 571 thousand tons.
The increase was attributed to a significant rise in the amount of construction sludge from both civil engineering and building construction projects.

Recycling Rate

In FY 3/23, the recycling rate for all items decreased by 8.4% to 90.6% for civil engineering projects and increased by 1.6% to 99.6% for building construction projects, resulting in overall rate of 96.0%, down 2.5% from FY 3/22.
Waste emissions per unit of production increased 11.7/100 million yen to 152.4 tons/100 million yen. Its breakdown showed a different trend for the two business units, with an increase of 31.3t/100 million yen to 163.0t/100 million yen for civil engineering projects, and a decrease of 10.5t/100 million yen to 141.1t/100 million yen for building construction projects.
The final disposal rate was 4.0% (FY 3/22 result: 1.5%), and the basic unit of final waste disposal per construction volume was 6,537kg/100 million yen (FY 3/22 result: 2,427kg/100 million yen).

Recycling Rate Trends

Zero Emission Promotion Activities

We define zero emissions as the reduction of the final disposal volume of construction by-products to as close to zero as possible, and have been promoting this initiative company-wide since FY 3/2007. POC's overall recycle rate of construction waste for FY 3/23 was 96.0% (98.5% for the previous year), and the final disposal rate was 4.0% (1.5%). The basic unit of final disposal of waste per construction volume was 6,537kg/100 million yen (FY 3/22 result: 2,427kg/100 million yen). In FY 3/23, we will strive to improve the recycling rate and make systematic efforts to achieve zero final disposal of waste.

Basic Policy for Promoting Zero Emission

Promote the 3R activities and strive to achieve zero final disposal volume in construction waste

Priority items

  • Reduction of construction waste generation
  • Ensuring sorted waste collection and waste recycling in line with regional characteristics
  • Conducting educational and awareness-raising activities (sharing awareness)

Utilization rate of recycled soil and sand / Effective utilization rate of construction generated soil

The effective utilization rate of recycled sediment resources in FY 3/23 increased to 71.6% from 55.4% in FY 3/22. The reason for this increase was the rise of effective utilization rate for both civil engineering projects and building construction projects, from 55.2% in FY 3/22 to 67.8% and from 68.0% in FY 3/22 to 96.4%, respectively. In addition, the company-wide effective utilization rate of construction soil generated was 92.6% (FY 3/22 result: 86.8%), an increase from the previous fiscal year.