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Queen of Penta-Ocean
~Self-propelling Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger~

The Queen of Penta-Ocean, a self-propelling trailing suction hopper dredger, is designed with full-scale automation and labor-saving operation. It has 20,000m3 hopper capacity and one of the world’s largest self-propelling dredgers.

The Queen of Penta-Ocean has two sets of powerful engines and dredge pumps capable of extracting sand through the dragheads while navigating at 1 to 4 knots and loading the sand into her own hopper and transporting to the discharging area.



Builder IHC Holland NV
Launched May 1999
Gross tonnage 22,049 GT
Overall Length 166.7 m
Length between p.p. 160.0 m
Breadth (mld.) 31.0 m
Depth (mld.) 12.5 m
Draught - Dredging Mark 10.5 m
Hopper Capacity 20,000 m²
Maximum Loading Capacity 30,000 tons
Suction Pipe Diameter 1,200 mm
Dredging Depth 34/40/60 m
Service Speed 16.0 knots
Inboard Dredge Pumps 2 x 6,000 kW
Submerged Dredge Pumps 2 x 2,200 kW
Shore Discharge Pump 12,000 kW
Jet Pump 2 x 1,350 kW
Main Engines 2 x 12,600 kW
Propulsion 2 x 9,000 kW with c.p.p.
Bow Thrusters 2 x 850 kW

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